Immediate Assistance: (800) 295-3030
Immediate Assistance: (800) 295-3030

Medical Steam Generators / Electro-Steam

Electro-Steam Generators

Electro-Steam medical steam generators offer many ideal steam sterilization units in hospitals, surgery centers, labs, pharmaceutical production, and custom applications. These generators are safe, efficient, and easy to use. If you are in the market for a medical steam generator and are based in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, or Mid-Atlantic regions, PM Medical can—and will be happy to—help.


Depending on whether you need integral models or stand-alone units, these generators come with either stainless steel electrical boxes or complete stainless-steel cabinets.

  • Adjustable pressure controls
  • Safety valves
  • Automatic low-water cutoffs
  • Wide range of voltages
  • Configured for any application that requires electrically generating steam
  • Outfitted to power one machine or a whole department