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Medical Warming Cabinets & Blanket Warmer Cabinets

Medical Warming Cabinets & Blanket Warmer Cabinets

A medical warming cabinet is an essential device to have in any hospital or medical environment. A warming cabinet, sometimes referred to as a hospital blanket warmer, assists your team in storing and maintaining heat to necessary IV fluids, other fluids, as well as blankets and linens. While it might seem like a small detail, a warm blanket provided to a patient can provide comfort and contribute to the feeling of a warm, safe environment.


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PM Medical is proud to exclusively provide and distribute MAC medical warming cabinets. Medical blanket warmers are MAC’s specialty, providing state-of-the-art technology and reliability in their products.

Benefits of a Medical Warming Cabinets

Low temperatures in most medical facilities can negatively impact the patient’s comfort and anxiety. A blanket from a medical warmer can be the first line of defense to maintain a patient’s body temperature, mainly when hypothermia is a concern. Beyond the physical support in body temperature, a warm blanket can make patients feel more comfortable and more relaxed with their treatment, making medical blanket warmers a crucial tool in patient safety and care.

In facilitating medical fluids or intravenous (IV) solutions, a medical warming cabinet is critical in maintaining the proper temperature for certain fluids. Utilizing a dual or triple-chamber medical cabinet, you can efficiently and effectively maintain temperatures for linens and medical fluids at separate temperatures. The various uses of these cabinets make them a valuable addition to any medical setting.

Medical Warming Cabinet Options

Small Single Chamber: This unit is small enough to be installed on a countertop, under the counter, on a mobile cart, or recessed into the wall. This unit can be used to warm blankets, linens, or fluids.
Large Single Chamber: If you have a high-volume need for warmed linens or blankets, this unit will meet your needs.

Dual Chamber Cabinets: When you require warmed blankets and fluids, this unit can accomplish both tasks. The dual-chamber allows for two independent temperatures.

Triple Chamber Cabinets: These allow for applications that require three different products warmed to their specific temperature. Warm your linens and keep two different fluids warmed to the temperature needed at the same time.

Single, dual, or triple warming cabinets can stand-alone, on an optional wheelbase, or recessed into the wall. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Warming cabinets are most commonly utilized for hospital blankets, linens, and certain temperature-specific liquids, medications, and blood, but there are other uses for a hospital blanket warmer, including:

  • Maternal and Neonatal Care: In labor and delivery units, they can help maintain the temperature of breast milk and formula for newborns.
  • Operating Room Efficiency: In the operating room, warming cabinets can be used to maintain the temperature of sterile irrigation solutions, preventing complications related to the use of fluids that are too cold.
  • Long-Term Care Facilities: Warming cabinets are commonly used in long-term care facilities to maintain the temperature of patient comfort items like blankets and towels, contributing to a pleasant and home-like environment.

There are recommendations from the ECRI Institute that have advised that temperatures for blankets be no more than 54.44° C (130° F) to decrease the risk of patient injury. However, no national temperature guidelines have been produced.

Medical warming cabinets can be used to warm and maintain the temperature of items like blankets, IV fluids, blood products, surgical instruments, baby formula, and medications.

These cabinets use controlled temperature settings and precise control mechanisms to maintain a specific temperature within the cabinet. The dual chamber and triple chamber models are available to accommodate different temperature requirements simultaneously. These warmers feature stainless steel exteriors and glass doors to easily view what is stored inside the cabinet.

While the terms may be different, a medical blanket warmer and a medical warming cabinet are indeed the same equipment, the same cabinet. The terms refer to the same equipment, utilized for multiple purposes in a medical setting.