MAC Medical Warming Cabinets

Medical warming cabinets are used in OR Departments or any location that requires warmed blankets, linens, surgical irrigation fluids, and warm, sterile intravenous (IV) fluid. If you’re looking to buy a warming cabinet in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, or Mid-Atlantic region, PM Medical can—and will be happy to—help.

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Small Single Chamber: This unit is small enough to be installed on a countertop, under the counter, on a mobile cart, or recessed into the wall. This unit can be used to warm blankets, linens, or fluids.

Large Single Chamber: If you have a high-volume need for warmed linens or blankets, this unit will meet your needs.

Dual Chamber: When you require warmed blankets and fluids, this unit can accomplish both tasks. The dual-chamber allows for two independent temperatures.

Triple Chambers: These allow for applications that require three different products warmed to their specific temperature. Warm your linens and keep two different fluids warmed to the temperature needed at the same time.

Single, dual, or triple warming cabinets can stand-alone, on an optional wheelbase, or recessed into the wall. Contact us today for more information.

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