Ruhof Sterilant Chemicals

PM Medical is a distributor for Ruhof products. They are an innovative and leading manufacturer, world-renowned for offering reliable solutions to help healthcare companies meet and exceed their decontamination and materials management challenges. They provide a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality chemicals to help you achieve sterile results at a reduced price. Ruhof offers scope cleaning systems that can replace your large equipment that already takes up your valuable workspace.

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Ruhof sterilant chemicals are used to clean:

  • Operating room suites
  • Instruments used during surgery
  • Interior of the sterilizer between deep cleanings

Ruhof has taken steps to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly by implementing ISO 14001’s Environmental Management System. This system helps prevent pollution and reduce waste, but it also keeps the cost of production down, which passes savings on to you.

To buy sterilant chemicals in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions, PM Medical sells Ruhof enzymatic detergents and other products to keep your instruments and equipment clean. Contact us today for more information.

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